TutterflyCRM can not just keep track of the sales, it also generates insights to help you sell smarter. The Reports are designed to help users to analyse data by adding filters and group by functionality. Keep reading to find out more.

What are Reports?

Reports are documents that enlist data in a tabular or graphical format for an account, contacts, person account, leads and opportunity. TutterflyCRM saves each report in a folder. These can be made shared, private or public. We can grant access to folders based on roles and permissions.


● Recent: It enlists all the recent Reports made by the user.
● Created By Me: It will show all the Reports created by the user.
● Public Reports: These are the Reports that are made public for all users to access. Any user can access these Reports.
● Private Reports: It will report all the private Reports of the user. Only the logged in user can access these Reports.
● All Reports: This contains all the Reports that are made public and those made by the user.


This is the last one! TutterflyCRM creates two folders automatically for each registration. They are public and private folders.

● All folders: This enlists all the folders created by any user.
● Created by me: This will show all the folders created by the user.
● Shared by Me: This represents all the folders shared with the user.