How to Use the ‘Activity’ Section?

Change your business prospects to perfect with using TutterflyCRM streamline activity section. Find out how to do that below:


This is a to-do listing that is created in TutterflyCRM. A user can assign tasks to any of the other users. The user can also set due date to define a time limit for completing the task.

Call Logging

A user can enter telephonic conversations in text format using TutterfyCRM. You can use it to review information for the future.


Users can communicate and collaborate through emails in TutterflyCRM. While creating emails, a user can select a default template created by the admin.

Next Task

This is the list of all the open tasks assigned to the user for this Person Account. This will display the top six tasks that still have time to complete.

Previous Task

This shows all the closed tasks that have been completed.

This displays all the logs made through email communication.