How to Create a New Opportunity?

TutterflyCRM helps to log all deals that have a probability of turning to business. Continue reading to find out more.

What are ‘Opportunities’?

Opportunities records all the details about an ongoing deals. This includes  accounts that are related to and can amount to potential sales.

Create a New Opportunity

Step 1: To create a new Opportunity go to Opportunities tab and click on the ‘+New’ button.

Step 2: The Opportunity form will appear. Fill all the mandatory details. If an Opportunity is related to an account then, Opportunity name, account name, contacts and Opportunity destination are the mandatory fields.

 ● Inclusion defines the services included in the tour package provided by the tour management company.

● If a person account is selected, then Opportunity name, person account name and destination will be the mandatory fields.

Opportunity Stages:

There are five default stages in Opportunity section associated with the relevant probability percentage that calculates the expected revenue. Amount*stage probability/100.


Step 3: Wow! We are almost at the end. Click on the ‘Add’ button to create an Opportunity.

Step 4: At last! While an Opportunity is marked as a key event it will reflect on the dashboard marked as an important one.