How to Work on the Activity Section in the ‘Contacts’?

Ever wondered what smart working looks like? Our Activity Section is your quick work hub. Find out here how to create tasks, save call logs, create event, and email.


This is a list of to-do items that is created in TutterflyCRM. A user can assign tasks to any of the other users. The user can also set a due date to define a time limit for completing the task.

Log A Call

TutterflyCRM allows a user to log calls and take notes on the conversation.


Users can communicate and collaborate through emails in TutterflyCRM. While creating emails, a user can select default template created by the admin.


It can be used to track meetings with other users, customers, or prospective clients.

Next Task

It is a list of all the open tasks assigned to the user for this contact. It will display top six tasks that still queued.

Previous Task 
This shows all the closed tasks that have been completed and are closed.


This is the last one! TutterflyCRM shows the list of emails sent by a user associated with the selected contact.