How to View Account Information in TutterflyCRM?

You’ve arrived at the How to Work TutterflyCRM Accounts help page! Let’s give you a running start and tell you how to access all the Account-related info quickly.

Related and Details Section

Each Account has many Contacts and even more Opportunities in it. You can access all the information easily through the ‘Related’ and ‘Detailed’ options shown below.

View All Contacts

Check out all your Account Contacts with a few clicks. Follow here:

Step 1: Click on the ‘View All’ link to access all the contacts under the current Account.

Note: The ‘View All’ option details will only appear if there are more than six entries.

Step 2: When there are more than six ‘Contacts’ and you click ‘View All’, you will see a list of contacts. This will show the name, title, email, and phone number. Done!

Create a New Contact

Got a new client! Get that business it’s own unique place with the steps below:

Step 1: To create a new ‘Contact’ under the current ‘Account’, click on the ‘New’ button in the ‘Related’ section.

Step 2: Two-step success! This will take them to ‘Add New Contact’ under the ‘Contacts’ section. The name of the Account gets automatically added to this form. Fill in all the details and click on the ‘Add’ button.

View all Opportunities

Just like ‘Related’, if there are more than six Opportunities in an Account, you’ll get a ‘View More’ option like below.

Step 1: See below and you’ll find the TutterflyCRM list view for all available Opportunities.

Create a New Opportunity

Got a new prospective business lead? Create a new Opportunity with the following steps:

Step 1: Create a new “Opportunity” under the current ‘Account’, by clicking on the ‘New’ button. Find this button in the ‘Related’ section after ‘Contacts’. This will take you to the “Add New Opportunity” box. The Account name will get automatically added to this form. Fill in all the details and click on the ‘Add’ button.

‘Details’ Section

Details’ mentions additional info linked with Account. You can find specifics like address, system and Account details here. You will also see a summary of all the opportunities linked with this Account.

Account Information

Find basic Account Info in this section. We are talking about details like Account name, Account owner, type, recent Account, website, franchise, phone number, industry and others.

Account Summary

Get an interactive figure of your Account here. Choose from a number of graphical representation of that Account. TutterflyCRM assigns a unique colour to different stages of the sales pipeline.

Address Information

This section shows the map of the address mentioned in the Account.

System Information

This is the last one! This displays the details of the user who “Created” and “Last Modified” the Account. It also mentions the date and time of changes made.