How to Merge Duplicate Accounts in TutterflyCRM?

Get rid of for easy Account management on TutterflyCRM.  Follow the steps listed here to make working with Accounts faster.

Step 1: Click on the ‘Merge Account’ option. We can locate this at the top-right corner on the ‘Accounts’ section.

Step 2: Another screen will appear with a search box.  Add in the Account name for this search and click the Search button.

Note: Only the two accounts can be merged at a time.

Step 3: Check the box before each record to select the two accounts you want merged. Next, click on the Select button.

Step 4: You’ll see a list of fields displayed. Select the ones that you want to keep deselect the rest.

Step 5: We are just a few steps away! Click on the ‘Merge’ button.

Step 6: Hurray! We done with merging accounts. A message will appear notifying the merge is completed!